Top 5 John Deere Tractors of All Time


At Tractor USA, we are unbiased fans of every make and model of ag and construction equipment. However, we have to start somewhere with this “Best of” series, so we thought we would start with the good ole green and yellow: John Deere. We know this list will be subjective and everyone has differing opinions and experiences, so leave a comment down below and let us know your thoughts!

John Deere Model A

With a nearly two-decade long production run from 1934 until 1952, the model A was considered to be John Deere’s first row-crop tractor. The A featured a number of first-time innovations from John Deere, and it was also the first tractor from Deere to be delivered with rubber tires. It’s distinctive and classic sound came from a 5.1L two-cylinder engine, which was later revised to a larger 5.3L variant in the later years. With over 300,000 total Model A’s built, there are no shortage on the market today and are a mainstay at tractor shows and parades around the country.

John Deere 4020

Would this list have any legitimacy without the famed 4020? Arguably the most popular and legendary tractor in Deere’s “New Generation” series, the 4020 was produced from 1963 until 1972. There were four total engine options over the span of its production, including the most popular 6.6L 6 cylinder diesel variant, two 6-cylinder gas variants, and a 6 cylinder LP gas version. It was also offered with John Deere’s 8 speed “syncro-range” or 8 speed Power Shift transmission. 1969 and later versions also featured the “side console” hydraulic controls for better operator ergonomics. The 4020 was a workhorse in its day and with its legendary reliability and versatility, still has its place on many farms to this day.

John Deere 4430

The 4430 was produced from 1973 until 1977 and was big part of John Deere’s “Generation II” tractors. The 4430 could be optioned open station or with the new Sound Guard cab from Deere, which was the quietest and most comfortable tractor cab at it’s time. It featured a 6.6L 6-cylinder turbo diesel, rated at 125hp. Transmission options were either the 8 speed Power Shift, popular quad range, or syncro range transmission.

John Deere 4450 MFWD

Produced from 1983 until 1989, the 4450 was the best-selling tractor in the Deere 50-series lineup. It features a 7.6L 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine, rated at 140hp. Transmission options were either a 15 speed Power Shift or the quad range. The 4450 was available as either a 2wd, or with a mechanical front wheel drive (MFWD), which we prefer. There’s no shortage of jobs for the versatile and ultra-popular 4450, and recent strong auction prices support that as well.

John Deere 8410

Last but not least, the ever popular 8410. With production lasting only from 1999-2002, there are surely many that wish it were still in production to this day! The 8410 featured John Deere’s 8.1L 6-cylinder turbo diesel, rated at 235hp. Power was routed through a 16 speed Power Shift transmission, no IVT available. Like the 4450, strong auction prices on 8410’s have been a trend in recent years and that looks to continue through 2021.

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