Top 5 Construction Equipment Trends of 2020

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In 2020, construction equipment is more technologically advanced and more efficient than ever before. At Tractor USA, we are not only fans of the great dozers, excavators, and graders of the past, but we love to see the new innovations and trends of current equipment. Let’s take a look at what we think are the Top 5 construction equipment trends of 2020.

Connected Machines

Also a current trend in tractors, and combines, connected machines are enabling operators and owners to do more than ever before. Now that most new construction equipment is connected via some type of smart connection, owners are able to check the machines location, see location history, and access reports about historical usage. Owners are also able to compare machines across their entire fleet of connected machines to spot trends, and better understand performance and/or operator usage.

Predictive Analytics

Time is money. Any construction company owner will tell you that reducing downtime and maintenance is a top priority when it comes to their machines. With predictive analytics on newer construction equipment, connected machines are constantly sending information that can be used for maintenance predictions. Simply knowing a day or two ahead of time when a machine will need a service or will be down for maintenance helps owners and operators from having their operation grind to a halt. OEMs are now receiving this data and routing it to their respective dealerships to help customers by sending advanced alerts.

Virtual Dealerships

No, brick and mortar dealerships will always have a place in the industry and are not facing extinction by any stretch of the imagination. However, dealers are looking at other industries and learning that they need to have a stronger online presence. It will become important for dealers to have strong departments for consultation regarding software updates, repairs, and new connected machine interfaces. In fact, gone will be the days when a service advisor had to make a special trip out to the field or jobsite to perform an update. These software updates will be pushed out automatically from the cloud.

Autonomous Machines

Self driving machines are quickly becoming a reality, in both the ag & construction industries. With limited movement of pedestrians and other machines in closed site areas, there are some autonomous machines are already performing certain tasks. These machines are especially helpful in areas where operator error is especially dangerous, like underground mines, and it helps take humans out of unsafe or particularly dangerous conditions.

Hybrid/Electric Powertrains

Now that tier 4 emissions regulations have become standardized across the industry, some manufacturers are looking to hybrid and electric powertrains for their next generation of equipment. They tend to be quieter, more efficient, and generally require less maintenance than an ICE counterpart.

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