The Tractor USA Advantage

Why Tractor USA? Below are just a few reasons why we believe Tractor USA is the best way to buy and sell equipment.

Exclusive $0 Commission Auctions, FREE to Sell!

No that is not a typo, and no we haven’t lost our minds. Whether you are a multi-location dealership group, hosting a giant retirement sale, or selling a single piece of equipment, Tractor USA is always FREE to sell! Say goodbye to getting bent over backwards with sky-high commission rates and hidden fees depending on the day of the week and who you call. Unlike other auction and equipment companies, we don’t believe in having to utilize an overpaid “auction salesmen” or third-party auction company who will snap some cell phone quality pictures in exchange for double digit commission rates. Tractor USA is always FREE to sell, and we can even assist with professional level photos to help craft the best possible auction listing. Buyers pay a 5% buyer's premium (capped at $5,000) on the winning bid amount, end of story. No hidden fees or commissions buried in the fine print. We aren’t afraid to publish our simple and straightforward business model online, because we enjoy what we do and truly believe that Tractor USA is the best way to buy and sell equipment, period.

Premium Selection of Equipment

There’s an old saying in the used equipment world, “Not all tractors at auction are bad, but all bad tractors go to auction”. When you visit there will be no time-wasting, mind-numbing, and endless searching of pages upon pages of junk, only to find the one piece of equipment that you want to buy. At Tractor USA we try to feature only clean, well maintained, and honestly represented equipment that we personally would like to use or own.

Customizable Auction Format

At Tractor USA, we work with sellers to tailor their preferred auction format. Our auctions typically last for 7 days, but can be varied if desired. Unlike other auction platforms, we also allow sellers to place a reasonable reserve on items if they so desire. We understand that some sellers may feel more comfortable placing a reserve on their equipment, and we make that an option.

Live Auction Discussion Board

Every auction at Tractor USA features a live auction discussion board for the duration of the auction. This gives bidders and other users an additional avenue to ask any questions they may have about the equipment. We encourage users to chime in and participate with constructive comments and feedback. These discussions help give bidders added confidence and also adds to the fun and exciting nature of Tractor USA auctions.

Top Brands We Encourage In Our Auctions

We verify that all auctions have quality, top-notch equipment.


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