“Tractor USA is the best way to buy and sell
ag & construction equipment, period.”

Our History

Tractor USA is a family founded and owned business that is proudly headquartered right here in the heart of Nebraska. Our deep-rooted farming heritage dates back over 125 years to our original homestead ground in north-central Nebraska.

After working at one of the largest equipment dealership groups in the country, we saw firsthand how equipment dealerships struggled to connect with buyers and sell quality pre-owned equipment.

Around this same time, we undertook the task to upgrade and sell some equipment on our farm. After the frustration of dealing with time wasters, scammers, and unrealistic buyers on Facebook, Craigslist and other websites, we decided to reach out to several online equipment auction platforms.

After reaching out to multiple companies, we learned the unfortunate reality of online equipment auctions. Being forced to utilize third party auction companies, getting charged sky-high commission rates in exchange for “salesmen” taking cell-phone quality photos of a tractor, and strict “no-reserve” requirements, we knew there had to be a better way.

Thus, Tractor USA was born. Straightforward, simple, and affordable, Tractor USA is a world exclusive, commission-free online auction platform. We believe Tractor USA is the best way to buy and sell ag and construction equipment, period. We hope you enjoy using Tractor USA for all of your equipment needs, and look forward to working with you and earning your business.


Mitchell J. Amen
President & CEO
Tractor USA

Top Brands We Encourage In Our Auctions

We verify that all auctions have quality, top-notch equipment.


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