Need additional information about the process? Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Tractor USA for both buyers and sellers.

Common Seller Questions

Nothing! Selling on TractorUSA.com is absolutely free! Unlike other auction sites or auction companies, we do not charge sellers outrageous commissions or endless fees. We enjoy what we do and have a passion for tractors, combines and all ag & construction equipment. Whether you’re an individual that has a single piece of equipment, a retirement or estate sale, or a dealer looking to move some inventory, we believe Tractor USA is the ultimate place to buy and sell equipment.

You can submit your equipment for auction by visiting our Buy/Sell page, or by clicking here. Or you can also give us a call at 402-480-0603 and we can help with the process. We will review your submission and get back to you, typically within two business days. We will then craft a custom auction listing based on the information and pictures you provide. We can also assist with taking high quality, in-person photos if needed.

Typically within 5 business days or less, depending on website demand, photos provided, and amount of equipment submitted.

The transaction for equipment/vehicles won on Tractor USA is between the buyer and seller. At the completion of the auction, the winning bidder and seller will receive each other’s contact information. We recommend that the seller & buyer exchange a copy of the title (if applicable) and a bill of sale prior to the buyer sending payment.

We choose equipment to feature based on several factors including condition, quality of information, selection of photos (good photos help sell!), and the requested reserve price (if any).

Auctions typically run for 7 days, unless specifically requested otherwise.

We offer sellers the ability to place a reserve (minimum price that a piece of equipment will sell for), but we try to avoid reserve prices that are not realistic. Reserve values are not shown on the auction listing. We believe this enables the fairest auction process.

Yes! Please email us at auctions@tractorusa.com or call 402-480-0603 anytime during your auction if you would like to lower or remove your reserve.

We can, but typically we do not re-list equipment if it does not sell. If equipment does not sell, we do provide you with the contact information and bid amount of the highest bidder, which gives you the opportunity to work out a deal.

We do not cancel auctions, and we request listings to be exclusive to Tractor USA during that time.

Common Bidder Questions

All that's needed to bid is to create an account by clicking here

You will receive a confirmation email asking you to verify your email address, and once completed you will be ready to bid!

Type in the amount ($) you would like to bid. If the number is higher than previous bids and there is time remaining in the auction, you are now the high bidder!

Absolutely! We try to offer as much transparency in our auction listings as possible, but if you would like to inspect a piece of equipment before bidding, you will need to get in touch with the seller to arrange for an inspection. You can do this via the “Contact Seller” button or by using the sellers contact information if provided.

If the reserve is not met, we send the buyer and seller each other’s contact info and the high bid amount ($). We ask the seller to work with the high bidder to try to reach a deal.

Our fee structure is simple, affordable, and straightforward. Unlike other auction sites, we do not charge outrageous double-digit commissions with hidden fees buried in pages of fine print. In fact, we never charge commissions or fees to sell equipment, period! If you are the winning bidder on an auction, there is a small 5% buyer’s premium to Tractor USA, capped at $5,000.

Absolutely! If you have registered with a valid account, you can bid from anywhere.

During the last 2 minutes of Tractor USA auctions, the clock will reset to 2 minutes after every bid. This happens until there are no more bids placed and the auction ends. This ensures everyone has a fair chance to place their bids.

In some cases, we will list the sellers contact info in the auction listing. Otherwise, look for the contact seller button, which will let you send a private message to the seller. You may also utilize the live auction discussion board to ask the seller questions.

At the conclusion of the auction, both the winning bidder and seller are given each other’s contact information to complete the transaction. At that point, you can get in touch via phone or email to finish the deal, arrange payment and shipping, and take delivery. You will also receive an e-mail invoice for the 5% buyer's premium, which shall be paid within 48 hours of the conclusion of the auction.

Shipping is typically the responsibility of the buyer to arrange and pay for. We have a few recommended vendors that we can provide if needed.

Top Brands We Encourage In Our Auctions

We verify that all auctions have quality, top-notch equipment.


Need some assistance in creating an account or have questions regarding our process? We’re just one call away.